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She ‘aint your baby

But she is:

ALWAYS!, activist, admirer, aggressive, ally, BDSM, babygirl, bear lover, beautiful, bitch, blonde, bottom, butch-fucking, butch-loving, cunt, Dr., diva, do-me queen, drag hag, drama queen, FTF, fabulous, fag hag, fancy, fat femme, female, female-assigned, female-bodied, female-born, feminine, feminist, femme, flirty, gendered, girl, glittery, grrl, high femme, kinky, LGBTQ, out, polyamorous, princess, privileged, queen, queer, SOFFA, sassy, sex positive, sex radical, sexy, slinky minx, submissive, switch, trannychaser, trans-loving
What are you?

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Yes Ma’am

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Its summertime babies and this is what’s makin’ me sweat:






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Postcards From Yo Momma



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Oh my god.

Remember when I was a blogger, and that was something that I did?

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll try to do this again.

Consider this my deepest, sincerest apologies:

Britney Spears + Quentin Tarantino = Lesbian Killer

I love you, always forever, near and far, closer together. Everyday, I will be with you. Everyday I will devour you.


Ordinary people

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Happy Obamaday!

Did we all see Barack put George on the helicopter? Did we all see George mouth “call me if you have any problems” ?!!! Awesome.

Go read Lani’s post on amplify about abortion donuts.

Then, go watch the abstinence clown.

Also, did you read my review of  Nothing Pink?

I’m very bossy today, can you tell?

Not as bossy and this sassy molassy, though. aretha-franklin_470861a

And finally, take it slow babies. Mercury is retrograding, be cautious of what you say, when you say it, and to who. Listen carefully to those around you, those you love, and those you don’t. Remember to be patient and compassionate. Listen, talk, love, live, learn. Take it slow, we’re just ordinary people. 


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She is sexy and fierce and fab, fab, fab. Love it, kiddies. 


This is the true story of *8* people picked to live in a house.

January 8, 2009 - One Response

Know what’s happening right now? Real World: Brooklyn is premiering. In times past, when I get all academicky and decide to (consciously) analyze a TV show, I take notes. Like, in a notebook. Guess what? Screw the notebook. 

“I might be metrosexual but that’s not a sin.” -Mormon Chet in response to guitar strumming Ryan’s song “accusing” him of being gay. 

“Every time she walks around in those short shorts, I’m looking for some bulge.” -Ryan, good ol’ Ryan. He is completely preoccupied by  Transgendered Kat and seems determined to out her. He is immensely upsetting. 

“JD and Kat are going to dinner. By themselves. So I know they have a common bond.” – Ryan “proving” that Kat is trans because she is hanging out with JD, who everyone assumes is gay. (He comes out formally in the next scene.)

Ryan is just very, very curious. Too bad that his multitude of privilege dictates that his questions should be immediately answered for him. 

JD, Chet, Ryan are hanging out on some stairs. JD attempts to talk to Ryan and Chet about Kat.  Pretty sure that Ryan refers to Katelyn as “it” and then, “he.” Chet (Our sweet mormon fashionista) says that he still thinks of Kat as a girl, and she has boobs, and he almost saw them. Awesome. 

The episode ends with JD and Kat sharing what looks like an incredibly touching dinner and conversation, and your icy cold little heart is warmed by JD’s allyship.

Okay, but get this::: remember how A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila popularized the “post episode wrap up show”, usually featuring the eliminated contestant? Henceforth, other reality competition shows have adopted a similar practice, taking the opportunity to fully squeeze out whatever fame could possibly be left in the show and heightening the eliminated contestants notoriety. Fine, okay, great, no big deal. So now there is a REAL WORLD POST SHOW?!?! Who does that? They bring on roommates to talk about what happened between them on the episode we JUST WATCHED. Ew. Its awful. It totally ruins the magic. I was going to spend this whole season waiting for Chet to come out of the closet, but now, because I saw him on the post show last night, I know that won’t happen. Gross!

Ugh MTV, way to ruin a good thing. And also ruin a bad thing. 

Sounds like we have a permanent date, then, huh. See you next wednesday at 10.


So I’ll See Double You.

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I’m sorry, I had to.

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Stick with me, okay?


“It don’t snow here,

It stays pretty green,

I’m going to make a lot of money,

Then I’m going to quit this crazy scene.

I wish I had a river,

I could skate away on.”



Hip Hop is the new BDSM?

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Hot, right? 

Happy holidaze, lovers. 


There is a foot of snow outside.

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Oh, hey. How’s it going? Did you miss me? Yeah, I was busy watching my life crumble around me. No big deal.

-Good try fox. Really, valiant effort. 

-You should really go read LaToya’s essay on NotRape at Racialicious. Its being published in the new book Yes Means Yes. Careful, its heavy. 

Hope that holds you over for a few days. Don’t worry, I still love you.